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The Lost Art of Relaxation

I’m two months into my sabbatical, and it’s safe to say the reactions I’m getting are still mixed. People are amazed. Worried. Supportively jealous. Looking for small-town gossip regarding why I quit my job. Judgmental. Encouraging. I notice those reactions … Continue reading

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Stop & Grow: Why feeling stuck can be a good thing

If you are feeling stuck, then congratulations. You’re on your way to something better. According to an expert, feeling stuck is a necessary crisis we must go through for personal and career growth. Google this morning found no less than 6.92 … Continue reading

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Burned out on your job? 10 surefire tactics to survive being stuck in a work rut

The Great Recession has impacted the work lives of more than just those who lost their jobs. Surveys have revealed increasingly high work dissatisfaction rates for the employed. The recession has forced many workers to face longer hours, lower pay, … Continue reading

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