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Knock on Wood: Negative Positives

Following are my results to Weekly Challenge No. 7. But before I type the list, I’d like to comment on the challenge itself (see challenge post here).

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The mouse, the cheese and the owl; a lesson in motivation when you’re feeling stuck.

Mickey Mouse may teach kids some great moral lessons once in a while, but when it comes to teaching us about human motivation, I have to hand it to another cartoon mouse. This cartoon mouse was the star in a … Continue reading

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Negative Positives: Weekly Challenge No. 7

I’m stealing this week’s challenge from a viral Facebook message. Instead of counting your blessings for all of the good things you have, this week count your blessings for all of the bad things that you don’t have. Migraines. Bankruptcy. … Continue reading

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That’s no lady; that’s my mother.

Sometimes life seems to get so intense, it’s not until I’m laughing out loud that I remember how good it feels. Tonight’s giggle came at a family dinner for my mom’s birthday. “It’s so nice of you all to come … Continue reading

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66 Days to the New You: Weekly Challenge No. 6

Have you ever pledged to start a new diet, go to the gym daily or never leave a dirty dish in the sink again; your resolution lasts for a week or two, and then you’re back to your old ways? … Continue reading

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Called out over coffee.

I had lunch this week with someone who has become an important mentor to me. One of the things I appreciate about our periodic talks is that he’s willing and able to challenge me to look at things from a … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed at work? A 4-step Weekly Challenge No. 5.

My light week of blog posts may give you a clue as to how busy I’ve been at work lately. So when I found the following article on getting unstuck at work via four simple steps, it seemed like a … Continue reading

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Be the Change You Wish to See in Your Workplace: Weekly Challenge No. 4

It’s said that a rotten apple can spoil the bushel, and a rising tide can float boats. Can a small shift in attitude by one or two employees create a sea change in the larger group? In this week’s exercise, … Continue reading

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Burned out on your job? 10 surefire tactics to survive being stuck in a work rut

The Great Recession has impacted the work lives of more than just those who lost their jobs. Surveys have revealed increasingly high work dissatisfaction rates for the employed. The recession has forced many workers to face longer hours, lower pay, … Continue reading

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No, this is not a Wanted poster.

This is my attempt to answer Weekly Challenge No. 3 by doing something I typically wouldn’t because I’m not very good at it — drawing. For the record, I told a friend the general instructions of the challenge (to sing … Continue reading

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