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Post Feast Feat of the Feet: Weekly Challenge No. 16

Well, you did it. You survived Thanksgiving. If you’re like me these days, that means you survived the grocery-store-cart derby, ate way more than you really needed, endured the backhanded compliments from family, and didn’t die from the baggage that … Continue reading

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Weekly Challenge No. 15: Worthy for A Day

When the subject of worth and worthiness comes up, my mind first goes to a mental image of Saturday Night Live characters Wayne and Garth bowing down to some ’80s rock god, saying, “We’re not worthy; we suck.” Then my … Continue reading

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Know your worth – and you just might get it

How well do you know your worth? Do you ever assume that you will never be able to make more income than you currently make? Have you ever agreed to a job, only to discover later that you seriously under-negotiated … Continue reading

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Weekly Challenge No. 14: Create a Daily Relaxation Routine

Weekly Challenge No. 14 encourages you to spend the next several days building a practice of relaxation and stress relief into your daily life. First, so that you have some form of measurement to gauge results, rate how stressed you … Continue reading

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How to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less: 10 Easy Methods

The fine art of relaxation becomes lost to many of us, particularly when we are so busy we don’t even feel we have the time to relax properly. However, we can’t wait for annual vacations to let go of stress … Continue reading

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