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I quit my job without another

A zen saying tells us to “leap and the net will appear.” I lept. Only time will tell where and how the net appears for me. This week I officially gave my resignation notice to my employer of 12 and … Continue reading

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Startled Into a Smile: Weekly Challenge No. 11

“Happy, happy, happy! Raise your level of happiness!” The words being shouted at me from an in-terminal airport restaurant in Minneapolis woke me from my travel stupor. “Come on, put a smile on that face; be happy. It’s a great … Continue reading

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Six Months of Getting Unstuck: 10 lessons learned

Wow. It’s already been more than a half-year since I began my process of Getting Unstuck in 365 Days. I can’t say I’m there yet, but I am happy to report I feel I’m on a forward-moving path from stuck … Continue reading

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Fighting Fear: Weekly Challenge No. 10

We all feel it on occasion: Fear. Timidity. Apprehension. Insecurity. Or perhaps the “zone of doubt and uncertainty,” as it was labeled in the previous Sigmoid Curve discussion. These human emotions are hard to fight, particularly in these times of … Continue reading

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