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Judging a book by its cover. Hi. I’m testing a few different templates in my never-ending quest to figure out how this WordPress stuff works. What do you think of this version versus the former?

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The Roller Coaster of Life Called Sigmoid

Dear Reader, meet Sigmoid. Sigmoid, meet a world of people struggling to change or deal with change. I’m getting to know Sigmoid well these days as I realize how much insight his snake-like curves have into my life and my … Continue reading

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Best-ever words of advice for the terminally stuck:

This one’s for those stuck in the rainy, snowy, sleety zones this June. You know who you are!¬†Click here.

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Weekly Challenge Check-in: 66 Days to a New You

Getting unstuck in life most likely means shaking things up and breaking old habits. And as Weekly Challenge No. 6 (66 Days to a New You) outlined, breaking established patterns can be harder than once thought — even if we … Continue reading

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